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Debt Recovery Services at Law Office of Kimberly N. Williams, Barbados

Civil & Commercial Law Specialities

We are aware that unpaid invoices can have substantial negative impact on the survival of a business regardless of the size or nature,  personal financial security, as well as investments relating to property.


This is why we take proactive, effective and realistic approach by considering the cost, time and suitability of each method all methods of recovery. As well as advising our clients on the likelihood of recovery.

Our debt recovery services include but are not limited to:

  • Advice on procedural options

  • Conducting negotiations where appropriate

  • Drafting Demands and Claims

  • Instituting and conducting recovery proceedings

  • Enforcing judgments

Types of debt recovered:  

  • Rental arrears 

  • Personal loans 

  • Outstanding invoices


Let us provide you with cost effective debt recovery solutions

Civil, Civil Specialties
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