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Estate Administration and Succession Law Services at Law Office of Kimberly N. Williams, Barbados


This is the process of distributing the assets of the deceased according to their, codicils, wills or in accordance to the rules of intestacy (where a person dies without a will). We are aware that this process can appear expensive and time consuming thus our primary goal is to assist beneficiaries in navigating the process of administration as well as ensuring the deceased planning goals are achieved. 

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Probate Applications

  • Letters of Administration

  • Winding up of Estates

  • Payment of Debts

  • Property Transfers (Deeds of Assent)

  • Investigation of assess of the deceased

  • Advising on legal entitlements 

  • Resealing of foreign grants 

Estate Administration and Succession Law.
Estate Administration and Succession Law.
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