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Real Estate and Property Law Services at Law Office of Kimberly N. Williams, Barbados

Civil & Commercial Law Specialities

We are aware that property acquisition often is the largest financial transaction made by persons or forms a substantial percentage of an investment portfolio. We also note that property sales / transfers can be equally as significant as acquisitions. Thus we provide our clients with efficient and personalised service.​ Our experience in Real Estate law is quite varied allowing us to guide you through the entire process of your property transactions.

In addition to property acquisitions and disposals we provide services relating to landlord and tenant relationships through creation and review of leases and rental agreements, as well as providing advice and representation when these relationships sour.

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Conveyances: Acquisition and Transfers of Residential and Commercial properties 

  • Mortgages

  • Title searches

  • Property Registration

  • Restoration of Title Deeds 

  • Preparation of Commercial and Residential  Leases

  •  Preparation and review of Landlord and Tenant Rental Agreements 

  • Notice to Quit 

  • Ejectment proceedings 

Let us take the guess work out of all your property and real estate transactions 

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